The development of the SiPs

The SiPs were developed both as an educational aid and as an addition to the necessary insight into the theory and the interview model discussed in chapters 1-5 of Psychological Communication[Dutch: Psychologische gespreksvoering]. They belong to the communication skills discussed in chapters 6 and 7. The material consists of videos, observation assignments and exercises. It features two parts:


SiP 1 Basic Communication Skills for Problem Clarification (Chapter 6)

The University of Groningen and the Open University of the Netherlands collaborated to develop the selfinstruction programme Gespreksvaardigheidstraining (GEVAT) (Schönrock-Adema, 2002) [English: Communication Skills Training Having studied the relevant communication skills in chapter 6, students can then, either by themselves or in small groups, and where possible without the aid of their trainers, start practising those skills using GEVAT. This programme was jointly developed by the Institute of Psychology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Psychology Faculty at the Open University of the Netherlands.


Based on this programme GEVAT, the Institute of Psychology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam has developed completely new material in collaboration with the Psychology Faculty at the Open University of the Netherlands for the present book and website.


SiP 2 Advanced Communication Skills for Gaining New Insights (Chapter 7)

Funded by the SURF Foundation the psychology programmes at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Open University of the Netherlands and  the University of Twente have joined forces to develop the Advanced Communication Skills interactive programme on the differentiating skills discussed in chapter 7, as part of the so-called Skills in Psychodiagnostics project.

The SiPs accompanying this book are closely linked to another series of SiPs important to psychodiagnostics. These are discussed in Vaardigheden in psychodiagnostiek [English: Skills in Psychodiagnostics] (Van der Molen, Schmidt, De Jong, Osseweijer & Oostrom, 2011); see also


Schönrock-Adema, J. (2002). De ontwikkeling en evaluatie van een zelfinstructieprogramma voor een training in basisgespreksvaardigheden [English: The development and evaluation of a self-instruction programme for training basic interviewing skills.]. Dissertation. Groningen: University of Groningen.